Web Design Created Based on Our Clients' Suggestions

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While working with numerous clients from various companies and industries, our team aims to deliver the product our customers want. That’s why we always take into account their opinions and ideas. This project is one of the perfect cooperation examples.

Due to the requirements of our client, we needed to design a website that could serve as an ultimate attraction to possible customers and occasional visitors. We started the work with the research and initial consultation as we always do. However, this time it gave us more than we could ever think of.

After consulting with our client, we found out that the result should unite several popular web design concepts – eCommerce, social integration, flat design, SEO, and responsiveness on modern devices. Gathering ideas and concepts ended with a mockup that was later used as a reference material for future design projects. Some texts and images for the website were provided by our client and it certainly made future development a lot easier.

Next step included building several designs for presentation to our client, who chose the universal concept. It allowed us to begin the site development where we tried to find the balance between functionality and design. We also implemented 95% of the ideas offered by our clients. Our client needed to update content quickly and efficiently so we offered him a unique and multifunctional Joomla! CMS.

When the development stage was finally over, our QA team began to test the website. It didn’t take very long so we were ready to present the result to our client. The whole process from consultation to website installation on client’s server took less than 2 weeks, which is quicker than any other complex web design project we have worked on.