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100% Organic and Dry Carpet Cleaning

Thank you for visiting True Organic Carpet Cleaning and allowing me the opportunity to tell you
why we’re excited to offer our 100% Organic and Dry carpet cleaning.


True Organic Carpet Cleaning is a premier dry carpet cleaning service, and we consider it a privilege that you’re taking time to learn more about our company and carpet cleaning processes. We are a full service residential and commercial carpet cleaning service dedicated to serving the greater Charlotte, NC area.

My name is Paul H. Sanford IV, and I’m the founder of True Organic Carpet Cleaning. We’re a locally-owned and family-operated carpet cleaning business dedicated to providing the highest quality service experience to each of our valued customers. Our process is all organic and natural. We do not use any harsh chemicals or water to clean your carpets. Give us a try!

A few words about

How It All Started

After leaving the Finance/Mortgage Industry in 2010 after 15 years of service, I decided to take the plunge into being a small business owner.  I started True Organic Carpet Cleaning in 2011 as a compliment to my two other businesses. 

Many people ask why Organic Carpet Cleaning as opposed to the traditional steam/water system of carpet cleaning.  Well, along with being in the Finance Industry, I also owned multiple rental properties.  Every time a tenant moved out, I would have to get the carpets cleaned.  I tried multiple carpet cleaning processes and like most people would use the process that had a coupon or was the least expensive.  Typically, that was the steam/water extraction process. 

The problem was that the carpets would need 8-10 hours to dry and inevitably the stains would reappear within 5-7 days.  Also, I noticed that the carpets were starting to ripple.  Little did I know that the water was breaking down the backing of the carpet. 

I was first introduced to the organic cleaning process when a potential tenant had requested that I use an organic process due to her kid’s allergies.  I didn’t know that this process even existed. 

So, I did a bit of research and found out that the process was a better, safer way to clean carpets.  The results were amazing!  The carpets were cleaner, fresher and completely dry within minutes.  I was amazed. 

Fast forward to when I was looking to supplement my other businesses.  I reached out to the person I used to clean my carpets and as it turned out he was transitioning to strictly commercial cleaning.  He suggested I look into starting a residential service to fill the void he was leaving.  At the time, he was the only organic carpet cleaning company in the Greater Charlotte area.  So, I took the plunge and started True Organic Carpet Cleaning in the Fall of 2011. 

Our Process is All Organic and Natural

We do not use any harsh chemicals or water to clean your carpets. Many people ask, “Then how do you get them clean?” Very good question, like many of my customers I too had this very same question. Here is a quick overview of the cleaning process:

Pretreat Carpet with Solution

We pretreat the carpet by misting a citrus solution that is all natural on your carpets to help breakdown any oils, allergens and dirt trapped in your carpet.  

Add Organic Compound

Then we place an organic compound on the carpet, which is made from organic sponges that have been dipped in distilled water, and run our machine over the entire area.

Our Machine Lifts and Seperates

Our machine has two cylindrical brushes that run in opposite directions of each other, and this allows the machine to lift and separate the oils, allergens and dirt from the carpet.

Vacuum and Carpet Drys Quickly

The oils, allergens and dirt stick to the sponges, and then we vacuum them up.  Since there is very little moisture on the carpets, they are dry within 3-5 minutes.

We hope this has educated you on our company and the organic dry carpet cleaning method.