Organic Dry Carpet Cleaning

What is HOST® Dry Carpet Cleaning?

HOST® contains a balanced blend of water, detergents, wetting agents and natural ingredients. As the low moisture HOST® Cleaner is brushed through the carpet, the absorbent particles deep clean by dissolving, trapping and removing spots, spills, and greasy, oily dirt.

Like a sponge in a kitchen, HOST® holds and controls the cleaning liquids so dissolved dirt doesn't run into the carpet backing. After vacuuming up the HOST® Cleaner, carpet is clean, dry and back in service. HOST® is natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for people and pets.


Our Process

We will give a detailed analysis of your carpet and identify what kind of stains you have, whether they are red dyes, ink rust or pet issues.
We will then pre-treat these stains with a citrus solution that will help break down the stain.
We will then vacuum your carpet using a very powerful, but safe vacuum. This allows us to remove 80-85% of the dirt in your carpet.
We lift your pile with the use of a Host machine that has special brushes designed the restore your pile back to its original form.
Next we pre-treat the entire carpet which separates the dirt, soil and grease from the fibers if the carpet.
We then apply our HOST® Dry Compound to the carpet. This attracts the suspended dirt into the Host compound.
Finally we vacuum up and remove the Host compound that has the dirt and grease trapped inside.
We complete all jobs with wiping down all baseboards and giving your carpet a final inspection. Your carpet is now back in service and ready for your immediate use.

We use millions of micro-sponges moistened with safe cleaners and vigorous deep brush action with our special HOST® scrubbing machines. We brush the micro-sponges through the carpet fibers; effectively wiping off soil from carpet yarn into the sponges then vacuum away both soil and micro-sponge powder. Your carpet is bright, fluffy and fresh smelling and ready to walk on immediately. Your pad never gets wet.

On the other hand, traditional steam cleaning or hot water extraction methods wash dirt and soap down through the backing into the pad where it cannot be recovered. So as your carpet dries over several days, the soapy, dirty water wicks up to the surface leaving a sticky residue. As you walk on your carpet, additional soil sticks to it and your rug can end up looking dirtier than it did before it was cleaned. Spots can reappear in as little as 3 days and carpet pads can remain wet up to 7 days, creating ideal conditions for mold growth. (Some mold spores are toxic; small children are at particular risk). Other so called dry systems clean surface soil with buffing machines, but—like wet cleaning—also push dirt and soap into the pad.

That is why we use Dry Compound Extraction--the safest, most effective system and why we have a 100% GUARANTEE!

Advanced Formula HOST® Sponges are a soft, natural product moistened with water, detergent and a small amount of safe-to-use solvent. All of which makes Advanced Formula HOST® sponges an environmentally friendly product.

We hope this has educated you on our process and the organic dry carpet cleaning method.


Organic Tile and Grout Cleaning

Like your carpet the organic sponges helps to clean your tile and grout in bathrooms, kitchens, mud rooms and hallways. We use specially designed brushes that are safe to use on your tile and grout!

Our organic tile and grout cleaning system will leave your kitchen or bathroom healthier, safer and looking like new!